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Manufacturing under licensed Screw Compressors

HATCO is the only manufacturer of compressed air compressors under license of BOGE Co, across Middle East. Having more than a century of history in compressed-air compressors production in Germany, BOGE Co. is now one of the most famous compressor manufacturers across the world. BOGE Co. has made a contract for manufacturing screw compressors by HATCO under its license. HATCO manufactures compressors in two designs including BOGE and HATCO designs. It is noteworthy that HATCO is the exclusive manufacturer of under licensed compressors in Iran at the moment and this point is an obvious distinction between HATCO and its competitor companies.
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Manufacturing Gas Generators
HATCO as the Iranian partner of Linde Group started production of gas generators using PSA method in Iran in 2016. Taking benefits from the most modern technologies in the world, the production process carries out with close cooperation with Linde and its products covers various fields of Iran's industry, such as petroleum, gas, petrochemicals, and steel industries. This reality leads to the highest possible quality and the most economical prices in products and facilitates commercial competition with other companies.
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